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Conceptual/Editorial Illustration

Conceptual illustration accompanying an article that looks at the historic and economic factors that have led to the current approach taken in the US to third level education fees. It examines the arguments made by the left as to how this could/should be reformed. Finally it challenges the idea that free fees would eliminate all class disadvantage when it comes to completely third level education and encourages us to be aware of how deep and influential privilege can be.

Free education_Full mock up.jpg

"Ironically, such values-based arguments, however one feels about them, are undercut by rising inequality. As the rich pull away from the rest, their increased political power may stymie tax rises needed to fund universal public services. Meanwhile for progressive politicians the need to target available funds at the worst-off in society grows more urgent; in America, the argument that the children of billionaires should not receive a government-funded education takes on greater moral as well as practical weight."

Free education_Detail 2.jpg
Free education_Detail 1.jpg
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