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Programme Visual Identity, Event Design Project Management, EY, 2020

The development of a unique graphical suite of supporting graphics which tie into photography of humans achieving the impossible that have been crafted around the concept of being unstoppable. These unique graphics were built to differentiate and ensure the consistency and longevity demanded by the scale of the Irish 2020 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme.

The main challenge of the brief was to create a distinctive, engaging programme identity, while still reflecting the overarching, clean and bold EY/EOY visual identities. The elements of the identity had to be flexible enough to be applied with fresh impact over an extensive 11 month campaign across print, merchandise, animation, and social media - culminating in
a televised gala awards event.


An image of an icebreaker formed the inspiration for the development of this visual identity. 

EOY_Ice Breaker_landscape_artwork_CMYK.jpg
117259_EOY 2020_graphic guide.jpg
Wordmark 2.jpg
THE UNSTOPPABLES_Vertical_RGB_Off black.jpg
EOY-Awards-Invite 2.gif

I storyboarded, designed and developed a digital animated invite and a webhosted interactive HTML document to support the virtual 2021 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gala. Motion graphics support was provided by wider supporting team.

Motion graphics by Aisling Sinclair.

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