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Information Architecture & Interactive Design,

EY, March 2020

One of a series of productivity management assets providing clear and digestible information to EY clients, management and staff on best practices in working from home. I was approached by the project team to find a solution which encouraged the audience to feel informed, safe and supported, yet not overwhelmed with information.

A critical consideration for this project was the wide, diverse audience it needed to reach, and the varied appetites for information it needed to serve.

The solution was an interactive document which empowered the audience to choose which information to access first, whilst still allowing access to the entire content of the document. As one of the concerns was to not overwhelm the reader with the vast amount of content it offered, the ability to "hide" information until needed made the option of an interactive pdf even more fitting.

Following an initial design briefing, we built a very clear idea of messaging and the journey we wanted the user to take. A story of “Stay engaged, Stay connected, Stay active” was established to encompass the concept of the importance of keeping work and home life both separate and connected when working from home for an extended period. This story was used as element of narrative upon which to structure the content of the document and to inform the supporting photography.

As well as navigational buttons to aid the user’s journey, the document featured buttons which revealed information, and which also highlighted areas of the compelling photography relevant to the subject matter. This treatment of the realistic photography of people working from home conveyed both a sense of tension between work and personal life, and the aspiration of achieving harmony between the two.

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